Dragon Bathers Embossed Shoulder Bag - James Ryman

Dragon Bathers Embossed Shoulder Bag - James Ryman

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Exclusive to Nemesis Now, this enchanting shoulder bag comes from the wild untamed imagination of market-leading Fantasy artist James Ryman. Standing in a shallow pool, a waterfall cascading over rocks behind her, a young blonde woman protects her modesty by holding up a robe with her right hand. Two Dragons splash playfully around her – one red, one blue – as they look up at her like dogs. She reaches down with her left hand to gently stroke one of them as she gazes down lovingly. This shoulder bag has a smaller front pocket in addition to the main pocket for greater ease and flexibility of storage, as well as an adjustable strap, making it perfect for any trip to a secluded pool with your Dragons.


Location: Eastleigh, Hampshire - United Kingdom (UK)

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