Garden Protector Plant Pot 30cm

Garden Protector Plant Pot 30cm

SKU: U4753P9

Available from Nemesis Now's Alator giftware collection, this beautiful Dragon makes the perfect addition to any home! Laying down flat on the ground, this Emerald Dragon has his front legs tucked at either side. His wings lie relaxed on his sides as his back legs hide beneath his curling tail. A vivid orange eye can be seen, staring inquisitively at his surroundings. There is a circular hole in his back which creates enough room to hold a small house plant, not included. Cast in the finest resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this enchantingly adorable Dragon is the ideal gift for any lover of mythical beasts.
Dimensions : 30cm x 28.2cm x 16.3cm.


Location: Eastleigh, Hampshire - United Kingdom (UK)

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