I am a Mermaid Cat Ornament - 8.5cm

I am a Mermaid Cat Ornament - 8.5cm

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Exclusively available from Nemesis Now, this majestic Mermaid Figurine is designed by Nemesis Nows own artists as a part of the Snapcats collection. Sitting up expectantly and looking at you with wide eyes, this adorable sea-foam green kitty has a blue fish tail. Their shirt proudly proclaims “I am a Mermaid”, with strategically placed coral-pink seashells framing the words. A starfish rests on their head, startled by their emergence from the ocean surf. Cast in the finest resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this cute kitty is the perfect embodiment of their favourite character!


Location: Eastleigh, Hampshire - United Kingdom (UK)

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