Woodland Haze Tree Spirit Incense Holder - 33.5cm

Woodland Haze Tree Spirit Incense Holder - 33.5cm

SKU: U3736K8

Available as a part of Nemesis Now’s Alator alternative giftware collection, the Woodland Haze Incense Holder can bring you the scent of spring, no matter where you are. The extended body is a knotted tangle of roots and branches, green oak leaves entwined within. The head is the face of the Green Man, bushy hair and beard made of thick green leaves. His mouth is open, giving a space for an Incense Stick to sit. Cast in high-quality resin before being carefully hand-painted, this piece is perfect for holding an Incense Stick.

Why not pair with some of our alluring Incense?


Location: Eastleigh, Hampshire - United Kingdom (UK)

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