The Mythic Realm Story - Part 2

Yet another day had passed as the clock struck midnight. Once again, all the Gothic Giftware
within Connor's Magical Antiques Store came to life. Each night, so far, the Fairy had faced a series
of challenges in her persuit of escaping the store and re-discovering her unicorn companion; from 
avoiding a gruesome clash with the immensely fierce Wolf Figurines, to recovering from her
terrifying encounters with a Skull.

However, tonight she faced her toughest challenge yet. In a desperate bid to increase her chances of
escaping the store before the sunrises, she pleads with the Dragon Ornaments, relentlessly, to join
her in a fellowship as she embarks on yet another rescue attempt of her beloved unicorn. Will the 
Dragon Figurines sympathise with the fairy, or will they expect something in return?..... A Sacrifice

.....Immortality. This had always been the Dragon Ornaments' deepest desire, for all the Fantasy
Figurines within the Antiques Store, to live as immortals and not just to live during sundown.
This would open the door into a whole New World of Fantasy. A Sacrifice must be paid for;
"Are You prepared to sacrifice your own immortality for the sake of your Unicorn?" The Dragons
roared. "If you promise this, then we will be your loyal servants, in this fellowship, and will
endeavour to assist you as you embark on your quest to rescue your companion...".

A small price to pay for the fairy to help ease her aching heart. "Being reunited with my Beautiful 
Unicorn would be like a new mother, you might think, setting eyes on her newly born baby for the very 
first time". The fairy whimpered. "We must enroll the help of the Nemesis Now Skull, over there in the 
corner, as he can be used to help scare Connor away whilst we try to sneak silently into his bedroom 
where, 'Purity' is being held captive".

So is this the fairy's destiny, to only live during sundown whilst all the others survive forever?
Find out what happens next in the third part of our story........

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