The Mythic Realm Story - Part 3

So, the time had finally arrived; the time to escape Connor's local Antiques store and wander into the unknown. However, breaking out of the Antiques store unseen was always going to prove to be the easy part. Stumbling through what had the distinct appearance of an enchanted Forest would present itself with many challenges which would really test the resolve and determination of the fairy figurine and her very diverse fellowship.


Mist and fog glided through the forest like Incense Burners and Incense Holders, as they released their mythical smokey, floral frangrances into the still air. Armed with the Nemesis Now Skull and all the Anne Stokes Products, they slid their way through the letter box of the Antiques store; courage and faith firmly within their grasps. 

By this time, it was already 1am and so this Gothic Giftware fellowship was at an incredibly minor risk of being spotted by the somewhat nieve humans. The full moon lit up the street, as they crept silently outside and the stars twinkled timelessly in the night sky. Of course the Wolf Figures needed no encouragement and howled harmoniously at the full moon. "Shhh, you'll wake up the humans" whispered the Fairy. "We can't afford to be seen or heard". 

As they tip-toed down the street, which seemed just like an earie ghost town at this time of night, they approached the enchanted looking forest. A sudden deafening silence and haunting darkness filled the air, making the hairs stand up on the back of the fairies neck. All that could be heard was the beating hearts of all the Gothic Gifts and a subtle yet very deliberate voice being carried on a roaring wind that suddenly came out of nowhere. "Enter and your Cherub Ornaments will all die!", it bellowed. 

Was this a mystical force working selflessly to warn the Gothic Fairy Figurine and the rest of her fellowship to be extra vigilant, cautious even? Or was it simply an evil trick? The trouble was, the Fairy would stop at absolutely nothing to rescue Purity from an uncertain future. Even sacrificing the potential for immortality proved to be of no concern to her. 

Look out for the next part of our unwinding story to discover what happens next ......

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