The Mythic Realm Story - Part 4

The Fairy 'Serena' stormed into the enchanted looking forest with more than a little haste. All the other  Fantasy Figurines and Gothic Gifts followed somewhat more nervously. The thought of the Cherub  Ornaments being threatened with death and the unknown fate which awaited them was more than a little  unsettling. Their feet were smothered in mud and slime from the forest floor and their vision was obscured by the tree's branches, which stretched out across the pathway like a colony of predators reaching out for its prey. Their bodies shivered simultaneously as the air temperature dropped suddenly to below freezing.

As the very determined and concerned fellowship moved ever deeper into the forest, two Angel Figurines  came to a sudden stop as they gazed upon a pair of enormous, piercing yellow eyes coming from the top of one of the trees. Slowly a black Cat Figurine emerged from the darkness, its fur coat as shiny and luxurious as silk. "This way to Connor's house", it said rather seductively. Was this that same voice they had heard 
before they had entered the forest? Serena began to think so ..... as did the Wolf Figurines, evident by the sound of their hysterical howling.

Unphased by what lay ahead, all the Cherub Ornaments decided to take several steps closer to the very  mysterious looking Cat Figurine when suddenly an enormous hole on the forest floor swallowed up the poor Cherubs, with no trace of them left to be found. "Cherubs ..... Can you hear us? ..... Are you alright?", the rest of the Fantasy Figurines cried out desparately. But nothing .... Silence began to ring in the ears of 
all the Gothic Gifts and the Angel Figurines guilt at spotting the Cat in the first place was paramount. 

"If you wish to save the Cherubs and rescue your Unicorn Figurine 'Purity' and achieve the immortality you desire, then you MUST follow", the Cat muttered with a rather smug expression on its face. The Incense Holder and Incense Burner like mist created a fog that made everyone uneasy and the Cat slowly walked off and disappeared into it. Without hesitation Serena whispered .... "We don't have a choice ... we must go into the hole if we are to save our friends". 

The others felt as though the journey they were embarking upon was beginning to look more and more like a suicide mission. However, the Fantasy Gifts refused to break their promise to the Fairy, especially since they were still expecting the potential of immortality in return. So ... they followed Serena into the colossal, dark and creepy hole, which appeared to lead deep underground into the depths of the forest, seemingly pretty enchanted after all.

Will the sweet little Cherubs ever be found, or should the fellowship of Fantasy Gifts have listened to their earlier warning?

Find out next time when more of the story will be revealed.
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