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3D Keyring Blue Moon Unicorn - 5.6cm (Anne Stokes)

3D Keyring Blue Moon Unicorn - 5.6cm (Anne Stokes)

SKU: B3336H7

These 3D Keyrings come from the magical Fantasy imagination of world-famous artist Anne Stokes and are exclusive to Nemesis Now. In a magical forest, moonlight streams through the branches at night. A white Unicorn sits serenely on the long grass, moonlight reflecting off its flanks and horn. It look at you with an unnatural intelligence and calmness, the tip of its horn glowing, as if the light was coming from within somehow. Against the Unicorns side rests a young woman with chestnut hair, her long blue dress flowing across the ground. A small sapphire is fixed in place on her forehead by a blue diadem. The 3D effect adds depth and realism to the already enchanting art, and the compact size of the keyring means you can carry it in your pocket and take it wherever you roam.

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