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Winter Guardians Wolf Shoulder Bag 23cm (Anne Stokes)

Winter Guardians Wolf Shoulder Bag 23cm (Anne Stokes)

SKU: B1850E5

Exclusive to Nemesis Now, this stunning shoulder bag comes from the wild and untamed imagination of leading Fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Standing tall on the snowy ground, this young woman has a white wolf at each side, walking forwards and alert to danger. Her long white dress hangs to the floor as she lays a gloved hand on the back of each wolf, gently reassuring and restraining them. Her long white fur cloak hangs down behind her back as she scans the horizon, chestnut hair blowing behind her in the wind. This shoulder bag has a smaller front pocket in addition to the main pocket for greater ease and flexibility of storage, as well as an adjustable strap, making it perfect for anyone who feels the call of the wild. Made from PU and Canvas.

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