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Witching Hour Cat Messenger Bag - 40cm - Lisa Parker

Witching Hour Cat Messenger Bag - 40cm - Lisa Parker

SKU: B3963K8_DS

Created by alternative brand Nemesis Now, this enchanting messenger bag comes

from the magical imagination of the fantastic Lisa Parker. Resting on some

leather-bound occult books on top of a section of wooden table, this black cat reclines, tail curled up inquisitively as it looks up at you. A curled scroll lies on the table next to a candlestick, almost burnt down to the nub, the flickering flame burning merrily. Lisa

Parker's imagination brings this piece to life, giving any space the air of mystical study. This bag has two small side pockets and two mid-size front pockets under the flap, as

well as a large main pocket, allowing for greater ease and flexibility. Perfect for taking

your arcane tomes wherever you go in style. Made from PU and canvas.

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