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** Important Notice - Delayed Shipping from 12/06/24 to 30/06/24 **

Every year we do a complete clean and stocktake of our Warehouse to ensure all our products are kept in tip top condition and are accounted for. This means that every item is removed from the shelving and counted while the shelves are cleaned etc.

Of course ... this does mean that while we are doing this we cannot very easily send out our orders until everything is complete. It normally takes around 2 weeks to complete this arduous task, but it is necessary.

We will of course still be taking orders as per normal, but any orders received between the 12th June until 30th June 2024, won't be posted until 1st July 2024.

For those of you that place orders during this period and are happy to wait for delivery, as a thank you for your patience and understanding, we will include a 10% Off Coupon, which you can use on your next order.

You can of course also cancel your order if you choose to do so, by emailing us,
where you will get a full refund.

Many Thanks for your patience and understanding. :)

We take orders 365 days of the year, but please be advised of the following :-

If you place an order before mid-day (Mon - Fri) we will endeavour to get your items sent off the same day.

If you place an order on Fri after mid-day, or on Sat or Sun we will get your items sent off to you on the Mon.

If there is ever anything that is out of stock, or you want something that we don't seem to have on our Website, then please do drop us a line and we will do our very best to help you out. After all ...... without you ...... our Customers ...... we wouldn't be here ..... so any suggestions on new stock, or features on the website that you would like to see, then please let us know.

Many Thanks.

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