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Anne Stokes - World Renowned Artist.

Everyone who is interested in all things Gothic, Magical and Fantastic has heard of Anne Stokes.

She is known over the whole world for her fantastic designs and pictures, whether they be Canvases, Ornaments, Bags, Incense, or a whole load of other goodies.

Here at Mythic Realm we stock a multitude of her products and are always looking for the new releases as they come out. We are such a fan of hers that we have dedicated a page to her on our website ..... called ..... yes you guessed it ..... Anne Stokes. ;)

Why not take a look round and see if you can find your loved ones a really nice Christmas or Birthday present, as you're bound to find a beautiful Gift in our shop right here.

Here's a fantastic picture of hers - a Dragon rising from what appears to be Stone Henge at Solstice. This is one of my favourites as I just love the way the Sun is shining just above the stone circle.

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