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Lisa Parker -World Renowned Artist.

If you're into Fantasy, Mythical or Mysterious Creatures then Lisa Parker is an artist you will all have heard of. Her work is known all round the world and covers all different types of art and products.

If we're really honest, here at Mythic Realm we absolutely love her Ornaments, Pictures and pretty much everything she designs. We're sure you'll love her stuff too, so take a look at our dedicated Lisa Parker page where you can find a wonderful selection of her goodies.

She does seem to like her Cats, as many of her products depict a variety of cats in different fantastical settings. Of course .... that doesn't mean she doesn't design lots of other types of creatures as well, so take a look and see what you can find.

Lisa Parker is not a name you can forget in the world of Fantasy and many of her items make you take a long hard look and wonder where she comes up with all of her ideas. Let's hope she has many more years to go at coming up with new and beautiful goodies, which we can offer to you in our shop on our website.

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