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Dragon Mage Snow Globe Shaker Ornament - Anne Stokes

Dragon Mage Snow Globe Shaker Ornament - Anne Stokes

SKU: B5136R0_DS

From the imagination of world renowned Gothic and Fantasy artist Anne Stokes, this

Snow Globe is inspired by her Dragon Mage Artwork and was immortalised in resin by Nemesis Now. On a rocky platform within the globe stands a red-haired mage, wearing a long, white flowing robe over her blue dress, brown gloves coming to her elbows. In

her left hand she holds an arcane staff, a red egg-shaped jewel set in the end glowing with magical power. A violet-tinged Dragon curls around her, wings shielding her

protectively, while she lifts her other hand to scratch under their chin. Around them,

glowing red crystals emerge hesitantly from the rock. The stand beneath the globe

acts as a stairway for several small Dragon hatchlings to reach the platform above.

Perfect for any mantelpiece or coffee table, this Snow Globe is the perfect gift for

anyone who wants to shake a little magic into their life.

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