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Dragon Sanctuary Embossed Journal - 17cm (James Ryman)

Dragon Sanctuary Embossed Journal - 17cm (James Ryman)

SKU: B4289M8

From the master of Gothic Fantasy James Ryman, this high-quality alternative Journal is exclusively available from Nemesis Now. Standing on a stone terrace, this chestnut-haired angel has her deep purple wings unfurled behind her. Sitting next to her is a regal purple Dragon, sitting up with its tail curled around her. They hug tenderly, eyes closed as they lean in. The Dragon sanctuary is illuminated by an enchanted lamp with purple roses scattered around it, and in the skies another Dragon soars majestically. This portable Journal is made of high-quality paper and has a purple ribbon to keep your place when writing mystical stories of Dark Angels and their Dragon protectors.

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