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Hocus Pocus Cat A5 Journal - 17cm - Lisa Parker

Hocus Pocus Cat A5 Journal - 17cm - Lisa Parker

SKU: B5912V2

From the untamed imagination of Lisa Parker comes this Hocus Pocus journal. Not just

your ordinary moggy, this blue point siamese wears a red collar, decorated with a

triquetra talisman. Sat in front of a window, looking out over the night sky, this familiar

has a crystal wand grasped firmly between her small fangs. A spellbook sits open in front of her while potion-filled jars and bottles sit around her. Whilst her bright blue eyes stare straight ahead as she casts a spell causing green spirals of energy to float from the end

of the wand. On the back of the journal the quote ' There is magic when you believe' can

be seen, written in gold, adding to the second to none detailing of the piece. Made of

high-quality paper, this portable journal is perfect for writing down your magical adventures. 160 pages.

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