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Jewelled Tranquillity Unicorn Ornament - 19cm

Jewelled Tranquillity Unicorn Ornament - 19cm

SKU: B2832H7

Exclusive to Nemesis Now, this magical Fantasy figurine comes from the untamed imaginations of  their own fantastic in-house design team. A Unicorn reclines on a slab of rock, pink flowers scattered around it. Its long purple mane cascades down its neck, while its flowing tail curls round, both overflowing with silky hair and jewels. It stares at you enticingly while curled around a small outcrop of blue and purple crystals, its ears erect and a blue branching pattern tattooed on its flank. Cast in the finest resin and hand-painted, this enchanting figurine will sit on any mantelpiece to add an air of magic to your home. A great gift for those who appreciate enchantment and mystery in their homes.

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