Steel Wing Mechanical Dragon & Skull Ornament 21cm

Steel Wing Mechanical Dragon & Skull Ornament 21cm

SKU: U3822K8

Available from Nemesis Now’s Alator giftware collection, this Gothic skull is a must-have for any collector. Staring straight ahead, this grimacing skull has cogs and pipes threaded throughout, one eye socket containing a series of concentric wheels and lenses. Atop the skull, steel wings raised threateningly, a mechanical Dragon curls its tail down one side possessively. It turns its head and snarls threateningly, mouth open to bite. Cast in top-quality resin before being painstakingly

hand-painted, this skull is perfect for any Gothic mantelpiece.
Dimensions : 14.5cm x 12cm x 21cm.


Location: Eastleigh, Hampshire - United Kingdom (UK)

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