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Decorate Your Home With Our Selection Of Magical And Mythical Dragon Sculptures

Bring the fire to your home with our unique collectors quality dragon sculptures.

Our dragon merchandise is lovingly-crafted to perfection, then hand-painted to assure the most beautiful artwork comes out of the creative process. We have a strong love for the fantastical, and we want to give that magic to you.


Mythic Realm is home to a number of dragon products available, from dreamcatchers to puzzles and the previously mentioned sculptures, you can bring the whole collection to your room. Build a story, set the scene, or use our sculptures for your own fantasy experience.


Find the perfect gift for the Christmas season


With Christmas just around the corner, these sculptures and artworks are perfect gifts for fantasy lovers of all ages! In the run up to christmas, we at Mythic Realm are having a sale on all of our stock, resulting in you getting the best value for your money.


Dragon gifts aren’t the only fantastical creature we keep at mythic realm, with the likes of Fairies, Unicorns and more that can be found here. We are certain you’ll be able to find the fantasy you’re looking for. With a large variety of sculptures and more, ready and waiting to be taken home by you. Alongside these, there’s also a large number of trinkets and accessories to indulge yourself in.


Don’t miss out on the magic that these sculptures can bring. Get in touch with us by filling out the contact form or give us a ring on 07917822008

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