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The Mythic Realm Story - Part 1

Mythic Realm - We aren't just specialists in beautifully crafted Fantasy Gifts and fantastically designed Gothic Gifts. We also open your door into a world of Fantasy ...... so, kick back, relax and let us tap into your imagination, as we take you on a little adventure.

It had been over a month since the young boy skipped merrily into his small local village Antiques store. The store had all sorts of things to find, but seemed to specialise in many different types of Anne Stokes Products, a world famous Artist. The boy was blissfully unaware of the heartache he was about to inflict on all the fantasy figurines which lay in the store. What he failed to realise, was that all the figures and ornaments sold from inside this humble antiques store, came alive each night at the stroke of midnight.

They felt the oxygen in their lungs and the blood flow through their veins. They felt the strength of their bodies, but most importantly they felt the distress and heartbreak of losing a loved one, to yet another successful sale to a customer. The boys name by the way, was 'Connor' and he loved to rummage around in his spare time, to see what he could find for a bargain.

"Sniff .... Sniff .... Sob ..... Sob". A Fairy figurine of the most pure natural beauty sat weeping, as she stared into an Anne Stokes Canvas of her beloved, but lost Unicorn companion. She stood up onto her weary legs and cried out " I will find you, I promise, I will not let the boy take you from me again!".

Connor had paid for the Unicorn out of his own pocket money, as well as a lovingly hand painted Wolf Figure and Dragon Figurine. He had taken them home ready to play with them, but for now they sat on a shelf in his bedroom. Buying the Unicorn had separated the Fairy from her much loved and adored Unicorn companion. She was not prepared to let her Unicorn go.

Will the pair ever be reunited? Will they ever reach their destinies together? Tune in next time for the second installment, where the plot will begin to unfold.

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